Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Start

Some time ago, when I first began this blog, I said that I would post something on a daily basis based either on Scripture or a feast on the Catholic calendar for that particular day.  Well, needless to say, I didn't follow through with this.

I could offer all sorts of excuses like no time or too tired or there was really nothing to write about.  Yet, these are just excuses.

When it comes to the practice of our faith, excuses don't count and neither should any excuse be used to explain why I haven't written in this spot on a regular basis.

That is changing.  Beginning tomorrow I will begin posting thoughts, observations, reflections, or inspirational material daily.  My faith to me is a precious and wondrous gift to my life.  It has seen me through nearly everything you might be able to imagine.  When the world seemed to have abandoned me, my faith, God, stood by me.  When there were times that it seemed like the best thing to do was to give up or give in, God was there.  He sustained me in my darkest moments because, among other things, God is Divine, Eternal Hope.

This hope is not the wishful thinking type.  It is the promise fulfilled by Jesus on the Cross Who saved us from eternal damnation with no contact with God--ever.  There is simply no greater a nightmare in human existence than eternal separation from the Creator.

And so, please join me on my daily journey through the days we are given as I share with you the faith that has come to be the bedrock of my life, the faith which allows me to come to know God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Love that binds them, the Holy Spirit.  Catholic or not, it is my hope to stir your imagination, your curiosity, and your faith as we take a Daily Journey with Jesus in our lives.