Sunday, November 7, 2010

Standing At the Foot of the Cross

What must it have been like,
O Mother of God,
to stand and watch your beloved Son
suffer an ignominious death for the sins of man?

What must it have been like,
Mary most Holy,
to see the blood of your precious Son
flow down the wood of the Cross
onto the ground,
cleansing mankind through His
selfless act of sacrifice?

What must it have been like,
O Blessed Virgin,
to feel the sword of death
pierce your heart as foretold
by the Prophet Simeon so long ago?

What must it have been like,
O chosen Woman of God,
to cradle the lifeless body of the Savior
in your loving arms,
knowing all along that
this was His destiny?

What must it have been like,
O grieving Mary,
to carefully and tenderly lay to rest
the mortal remains of your Son,
most Holy, in the quiet
recesses of the newly-hewn tomb?

And what must your joy have been like,
O Queen of Heaven,
to see for the first time
your risen Son?

Allow me,
Mary, most gracious Mother of us all,
to stand by your side
at the foot of the Cross
so that you may touch my heart
with your broken heart,
so that in my hour of sadness you may
bring me comfort through our
shared sufferings.

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows,
pray to your beloved Son,
our Lord Jesus Christ,
that our poor suffering may atone
for my sins and be offered
on behalf of the poor souls in

Teach me by example
how to suffer with dignity,
honesty and integrity.
Grant all of this in the name
of Your Son, our Lord
Jesus Christ!