Saturday, December 14, 2013

Seeing Christ

Time is of the essence!  The annual Christmas shopping crunch is on.  We are now only ten short days away from the big day!  Get that shopping done.  Get those parties attended.  Celebrate the season.

Sound familiar?  Yes, the push is on.  Christmas is nearly here.  Kids and adults alike are both looking forward to Christmas Day.  And somewhere, in some way, the real reason for the season may even be remembered.  Yet, it is useful, I think, to pause at least for a moment to recall the real reason for Christmas.

Even more important is to look for Christ Himself for He most certainly present in our world.  However, He may not always be easy to spot.  He comes in all shapes and sizes.  He comes in all temperaments.  He comes in every personality you can think of.  And He comes in nearly every situation imaginable in every corner of the world.

Below is a poem that was written a few years back reflecting on that very fact.  It is my sincere hope that this Christmas season brings all joy and happiness to each and every one of you.  And I also hope that as you busily rush from one store to another gathering gifts for friends and family alike, that you stop momentarily to look into the eyes of others and realize there, too, is Christ.


Look into my soul
And see the face of Christ.
Look into my eye
And see things not nice.
Like poverty and hunger
And shame so deep.
Could you not watch with me
Instead of sleep?
The world cries out
For help and need.
“Do it to the least of my brothers”
He once did plead!
I am the Light of the world
My flame flickering so dim.
Whenever you see me
Remember to see him!
He that gave you eternal life
Comes to you through me.
I, too, am the resurrection!
Can you not see?

©Copyright 2009 Michael G King